I don’t know about you… but I don’t believe in belief. And ideally I don’t believe, period… Richard Dawkins should give me a medal. But he wouldn’t because he might not like that I advocate using belief… taking on a belief, then discarding it when it is no longer useful.

There’s great power in belief… but ONLY if you use it as an engine to get things done in life. If you simply believe in stuff, then beliefs hold you in their thrall. They limit you.

Changing beliefs is a way of changing your life. And it is the backbone generator of magick. The key is identifying beliefs you hold that don’t serve you, or have become no longer useful. Then changing them.

In magick, you might build a belief to get the job done, some working or other… and again, lose it when you’re finished.

Society tends to hold belief as sacrosanct – like holding a given belief makes somebody a good person. It doesn’t. And arguably most beliefs aren’t true anyway… thus playing with beliefs, changing them as you will, is a fun way of approaching life… AND IT IS THE POWERHOUSE BEHIND MAGICK.

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