Hoodoo doctor Ernest Braton, from Alexandria, Virginia – professionally known as “Dr Buzzard” – numbers high-level Washington politicians among his clientèle. He claims they use his herb and root formulations to win votes and get rid of rivals.

Although Braton, now in his mid seventies, won’t reveal the politicians’ identities, he admits he has instructed some of them to perform Hoodoo rituals, such as bathing at midnight for 13 nights, or sprinkling themselves with herbal powders.

On occasion, he sends some of them to cemeteries in the middle of the night to drop pennies on different graves. Braton also claims to be able to cure everything from cancer to AIDS. Plus he professes to know how to kill at a distance, but makes clear that ethics prevent him from doing this and that he prefers curing to killing.

Braton charges as much as $7,000 per spell, but claims it is worth every penny because his incantations and potions are guaranteed.

He is a frequent guest on TV chat shows around the world. Once, while appearing on The Letterman Show, alongside actor Bruce Willis, Braton talked about his experiences of seeing the ghosts of the dead. It is said that this is what inspired Bruce Willis’ involvement in the movie Sixth Sense.

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