Lukas contacted me recently. He was at his wits end. He had been in a long-standing, committed relationship with Ingrid, but after a drunken lads’ night out, he had a one night stand. Ingrid had found out and tearfully ended their relationship on the spot.

Lukas knew that Ingrid was the only one for him, but didn’t know how to prove that he had was sorry for what he had done and to regain Ingrid’s trust. That’s when he reached out to me…

“I know I was stupid,” he said, “but we were all having a good time, and before I knew it, we went on to a club and there were just so many girls, all drinking and dancing. I couldn’t help myself. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, and I just wanted to dive in and gorge myself on the abundance of sweetness that was on offer.”

Lukas had ended up dancing with one particular girl, who invited him back to her flat for the night. That was the last that Lukas remembered until he woke up in a strange bed the next morning. He thought about not telling Ingrid, but he knew that he would feel so guilty anyway that Ingrid would know something was wrong from the way he was behaving.

“So I told her,” he went on, “and although I have never done anything like this before, she said that she wanted me to move out. I can totally understand how she feels, but I just want her back. The trouble is I don’t know how to regain her trust.”

We spoke for a while about the other aspects of their relationship, the things that Ingrid loved and places they went to on their date nights. It became obvious that Lukas really had made one mistake, and they had been idyllically happy before his slip up. We made a list together from which I could source the items that would make up a personalised mojo hand.

It took a few days to gather everything together and charge the mojo bag contents to cater specifically to Lukas’ needs, and a week or so I met up with him at a coffee kiosk to hand over the pouch of magick. I gave him the detailed but simple instructions as to how to use the mojo bag, and asked him to keep me up to date with the results.

I didn’t hear anything for a while – sometimes mojo hands work immediately, but more often they take a month or two to build up to the maximum power of the working. This is particularly likely if there is a tough situation to resolve.

Six weeks later however, Lukas emailed me and said that things seemed to be improving. He had taken Ingrid for a coffee to talk things over a few days before, and had managed to order some krumkake from the bakers stamped with “Jeg elsker deg”, and it had made Ingrid smile. He asked her if maybe they could meet up for a date, and he was surprised but delighted when she agreed.

“So you see Doc,” he said, “we are on the way to getting our relationship back on track, and it’s all thanks to you and your mojo hand. If I was there, I’d buy you a drink, but Ingrid and I will raise an aquavit or two to you later. Skal Dok!”

The lesson you can take from this is that it’s better not to lose someone’s trust in the first place, but if you do, and you’re prepared to put in a lot of work and use a bit of magick, you can turn the situation around!

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