Carry an Earth Skroll to gain the favor of the spirits that inhabit the streets of our cities, towns and villages – and our forests, plains, woodlands, heaths and deserts. They are the mysterious invisibles that haunt the energy matrix of the land we live on.

Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of them when out in the woods or forests on a dark night. Out of the corner of your eye you might see a sudden flash of light, like a will-o’-the-wisp. Then it is gone.

Or you might be on a city sidewalk, the sun glistening through the Fall drizzle. Suddenly you look around and a homeless guy is looking at you with a strange, knowing smile on his face. He’s a spirit. Not a human. Blink and he’s gone. If he’s still there, it could be he has something to tell to you. Give him an offering of energy – money. A dime will do. He may not even say a word. But his message WILL have been imparted to you.

Earth Skrolls (like the one pictured above) put you in touch the weave of the energy matrix, the one that criss-crosses the landscape, taking in cities and settlements. To create an Earth Scroll, I channel the spirits and they draw the glyphs on the parchment. They’re then activated by the spirit hand.

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