Elite Voodoo Spells

Elite voodoo spells. Cast in the graveyard or crossroads - Doktor Snake

Potent, high strength elite voodoo spells. Cast in the graveyard or at the crossroads, at the dead of night, to get the job done fast!

Doktor Snake’s Elite voodoo spells are top-powered, pedal-to-the-metal spellworkings which bring a huge amount of strength to the table. They are typically used when other spellcasters have failed you.

Doktor Snake performs the ritual at various places of power local to him, such as the crossroads or graveyard. Elite voodoo spells are best used for extremely difficult cases and situations – or where power is of the essence.

Rootin’ Bone No.9: All-Purpose Voodoo Spell

Rootin’ Bone No.9 – Powerful Voodoo Spell – Mojo Hand - Doktor Snake

My Rootin' Bone No. #9 spellworking is a general purpose voodoo spell (mojo hand) that can be configured to any requirement, however complex or difficult. What's more my Rootin' Bone...

Here’s how Elite Voodoo Spells work

  1. Firstly you order your Spellworking, through the website. If you are unsure about which one to order just email  us and we’ll advise on the best one for you.
  2. We will then email you a questionnaire to ask you for your details. So these are things like: your name, date of birth and photos, if you have them. Plus details of your case.
  3. Doktor Snake will then configure the optimal date for your Elite Voodoo Spell. So this is the date that is the most powerful for your ritual.
  4. He will then carry out the ritual, on your behalf, at a specially chosen place of power.
  5. After that, Doktor Snake will be in touch to let you know how everything went and what to expect next.
  6. We will then mail your items to you using secure and tracked post.
  7. With an Elite Voodoo Spell you will receive your order, plus a letter telling you what to do next.
  8. After that we ask you to update us on how all is going and will advise you and answer any questions as the work progresses.
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