Voodoo Generational Curse Remover – Banishes Hexes Passed Down Your Family Tree

Voodoo generational curse remover – banishes hexes passed down through your family tree

Nullifies curses and hexes that have been passed down the generations...

Are you afflicted by a generational curse? A hex passed down through your family tree? You may well be if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • Bad luck always seems to dog your tail.
  • Relationships never seem to work out or last - even if they started out great.
  • Money always slips through your fingers, no matter how much you earn.
  • Animals (other than your own pets) - like dogs or cats - look at you warily for a moment, then shy away from you.
  • Life never seems to move forwards - you get ahead one step, then fall two behind.

So what is a generational curse?
It's a baleful, never-ending strain of bad luck. It's a dark, dour, destructive hex - handed down through your family tree. An ancestor of yours may have been cursed by an evil witch, sorcerer, or jadoo worker. Or they might have been hexed by somebody who wields the Evil Eye. This might have been in the recent past - fifty or sixty years back - or it might have been a few hundreds years ago.

Alternatively, your ancestor might have done something bad and paid the price for their actions. Some say God himself curses evil doers and their subsequent generations. The Bible's Exodus 34: 6-7, for example, says the following:

"...He [God] does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sins of the fathers to the third and fourth generation."

Mostly though, generational curses are laid by the human hand. And if the practitioner was powerful enough, and naturally gifted, BOOM! His or her evil work will carry down the generations, flowing like a poisoned river from father to son, mother to daughter.

The solution...
If you are afflicted by a generational curse, then the removal of it will free your life from the misery of never getting ahead and nothing ever working out. My Rattle O' Bones Generational Curse Remover will completely eradicate all traces of the ancestral curse that blights your life. You will no longer have to pay for the "sins of the fathers."

You will be free to live your life in the way that you are entitled to - according to natural laws. No longer will a blight be hanging over you. All the good things in life will be yours.

The terrible weight you are carrying will be lifted by my Generational Curse Remover. Suddenly, like a miracle, every aspect of your life will improve for the better. Relationships, money, luck - and much more - will work out for you. Things will fall into place. It will be like you are whole again.

How does it work?
I perform the ritual in a specially chosen graveyard at the stroke of midnight. I call upon the ancestors and the Seven African Powers. I then enter a spirit trance, where I am possessed by my totem animal, the Graveyard Snake. This spirit trance allows me to commune with the spirits in their own language called "unknown tongues." It also allows the various items - such as the Joe the Preacher Doll - to be infused with numinous energy by the spirits.

After that, I petition the spirits to dispel the generational curse that has been passed down to you through your forebears. It's an exhausting ritual and time-consuming spiritual negotiation...but success is guaranteed when the appropriate protocols are employed with the spirits.

Once the ritual is complete, I package the items used - the objects of power - in a specially constructed wooden conjure casket.

The items include:

  • Clearing Crystal: Dissolves negative energies & Connects you to the mighty Seven African Powers.
  • Black Stone: An anchor of power to soak up all the evil and blight than has been in your life.
  • Joe the Preacher Doll: Powerful clay voodoo doll (clay mixed with Joe the Preacher root) to purify your soul and draw the good things in life to you.

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Voodoo generational curse remover – banishes hexes passed down through your family tree

Generational Curse Remover

Banishes hexes passed down your family tree.

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