King Dominator: Voodoo Spell To Bend Any Woman To Your Will

King Dominator Voodoo Spell To Bend Any Woman To Your Will

Men Only: Unstoppable Voodoo Love & Sex Spell That Controls Any Woman - Without Fail...

Male domination over a woman: Win a woman’s heart, return your ex, or have endless nights of sex with the female of your dreams...

This powerful voodoo spell is configured to control and dominate any woman. Uses include making a woman love you and desire you; returning an ex an re-igniting passion; sex with any woman you lust after.

At the stroke of midnight, at an abandoned crossroads where prostitutes and Highwaymen used to meet to bargain for their souls, I will go deep into the dangerous spirit trance using the dark words of the “Unknown Tongue.” This is a secret language of the subconscious mind and only known to us swamp voodoo doctors.

The smoke from my ritual fire spirals in strange and eerie patterns, and through it, starts to crawl the shape of Le Grande Serpent Noir – the black kundalini snake of lust, sex and control. Writhing on the ground as it grips me I force it into the artefacts that I have scattered around me. As Le Serpent Noir slithers into the artefacts used in the spell, it charges them with unstoppable power and dark sexual energy.

Once the ritual is complete, I place the following charged artefacts inside a mojo bag:

  • Phallus Amulet – ancient magick, 4,500 years old Chinese jade artefact.
  • Fire Stone – harnesses the “yang” energy of the sun.
  • King George Penny – “get lucky” old coin.
  • Eregore Bird Stave – wooden tablet with sigils crafted from “unknown tongues” to activate the intent of the working.
  • Black Snake Manikin – works 24/7 to manifest your desires.
King Dominator

What I will need from you is a photo of the woman you wish to dominate, which can be sent via email. I then print it out, and burn the photo to ashes, which I mix in the clay of the black snake manikin when I create it.

What People Say

"I needed something powerful to get my woman in line, and Doc provided worked." Jared, California, USA.

"Doc sorted it…now I gotta sexy woman in my bed and I’m boss..." Mick, Hackney, London.

"I needed my woman back, and Doktor Snake fixed it for me." Chuck, Dallas, Texas

"Wanted my pick of women. The Dominator made this happen, and some..." Fyed, Virginia, USA.

With workings like this, some worry about comeback or karma. There is nothing to fear on that account. Any potential repercussions are prevented by symbolic payment to the spirits in the form of offerings during the ritual.

Everything is cool… and this working is the killer – you’ll be amazed at the results. King Dominator is the ultimate bewitching tool to attract and dominate any woman...

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King Dominator

King Dominator

Powerful voodoo spell to bend any woman to your will.

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If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your package within two working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it takes four to five working days, and seven to ten days for the rest of the world.


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