Voodoo Protection Spell – Voodoo Angel – Guardian Servitor

Voodoo Protection Spell – Voodoo Angel – Guardian Servitor

Powerful protection and warding voodoo spell that watches over you and keeps you safe, cast in visionary possession trance...

Created by Doktor Snake on the mysterious etheric plane, the Voodoo Angel is a protective servitor, a shapeless force, that inhabits the unseen plane, and defends you against unexpected (or expected) psychic attack, deflecting all that is evil from harming you.

In short, the Voodoo Angel is a powerful spiritual shield.

The Voodoo Angel will also remove the effects of any spell previously cast upon you by ill-wishers or by professional spellcasters. It is second-to-none dispelling magick.

Why would I need a Voodoo Angel?

There are many forces in the world which can affect us. Some are good, some are bad, others are plain, gut-wrenchingly evil. What's more you can inadvertently walk into a very harmful negative fate-flow - perhaps by visiting a place or building where nefarious spirits hold sway.

Or it could be that somebody is jealous of you and wishes you ill - and hits you knowingly or unknowingly with the Evil Eye, and the unleashed energy takes on a tangible and destructive form.

Alternatively, an ill-wisher might purposefully lay a hex on you. Or, if they are sufficiently malevolent, they might hire a professional spellcaster to curse you.

Any one of these scenarios can lead to negative energy penetrating your psyche and energy centers - and becoming attached to you and taking your down - sometimes into a very bad place.

What can be done?

The ill-effects of psychic attack, and other negativity, can be avoided by taking measures to magickally protect yourself and ward off all evil.

My Voodoo Angel will do just that. It will watch over you, ensuring that no negativity, evil, curses or hexes can touch you. it is a powerful warding charm that will see off all that would seek to undermine or harm you.

How it works

At the time of the Shadow Moon, when the air buzzes with sparks of orgone energy, Doktor Snake sets out for his ritual area - a circular grove of trees on the site of an ancient temple used by the Romans and Celts, but created originally by the magickians of the Ancient Britons.

Once there, he lights a small fire, and sprinkles on it a concoction of herbs and powders - the heady smoke of which attracts the "other-worlders" and also enables Doktor Snake to enter the shimmering realities of the etheric plane. He places his ritual items around the fire, including the Voodoo Angel, the Glyph of Warding, and the Etheric Crystal (all of which make up the key ritual items that are sent to you).

Under the strange light of the Shadow Moon, Doktor Snake begins his chants and incantations to call down the other-worlders from the ether, who bestow life and protective energies into the Voodoo Angel, turning it into a very powerful protection servitor that will watch over you and keep you safe.

What People Say

"I feel so secure carrying my Voodoo Angel with me..." Sheri, Pittsburgh.

"I had a lot of ill-will from a group of jealous people. This Voodoo Angel watches over me, keeps harm away." Maria, Hertfordshire, England.

"Nobody can touch me now with their evil hexes." Jamie, New York.

"I just wanted to feel protected, and it works." Seline, Brixton, London.

"Doktor Snake magick works, I've felt much better with my Voodoo Angel watching over me." Mabel, Georgia, USA.


After Doktor Snake has left a gift for the other-worlders, he collects the ritual items together and puts them into a drawstring bag, which is sent over to you in a package with simple instructions on what to do to activate the Voodoo Angel and how feed it to keep it working for you. (Note that mailing items is optional, Doc can keep ritual items on his shrine for you).

Note that when you have activated the Voodoo Angel you can either carry the whole drawstring bag with you for protection, or you can take out the Voodoo Angel and carry that.

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Voodoo Protection Spell – Voodoo Angel – Guardian Servitor


Powerful protection and warding voodoo spell that watches over you and keeps you safe.

Only $295 USD. (Free P&P).

If you are in Britain or Europe, you will receive your package within two working days of the ritual being performed. If you’re in the US, it takes four to five working days, and seven to ten days for the rest of the world.


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