Melding voodoo with cyberspace, we uncovered a new breed of occult entity – more terrifying than medieval demons – that is replicating itself across the internet and haunting mobile devices and platforms…

My Voodoo Spellbook details the many uncanny and intriguing adventures I had with my Voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe, a hoodoo man, but also a rebel who broke the rules. He utilized tradition, but innovated too. Thus he would meld emerging technology with Voodoo magick.

Using the basic computers of the early 1980s, he’d have flickering sigils dancing inside circuit boards, and voodoo roots would be weaved around microchips and hard drives.

New worlds would emerge on computer screens and hacked TVs would broadcast strange, other-worldly channels from nowhere. Ghosts would howl and growl amidst the white noise. And the Devil himself would seemingly traverse the sparking wires and roots.

By the late 1980s, Earl and I hacked BBC Micro Computers, along with creating trance rhythms on vintage drum machines like the Roland 808. We mixed Voodoo hex roots and shuddering ancient atavisms from the primal pit with microchips and the emerging cyberspace of the early 90s.

During the last decade I took this work further and created a “cyber etheric gateway”…

In other words, a dark electro-spiritus rite spawned out of the very fires of damnation – that runs off seven laptops running Linux distros and utilizing the Tor network.

Once the machines are humming and the gateway matrix emerges, I enter a deep mesmeric trance state using drum beats I developed from sampling the beats of tribal shamans in Africa and South America.

Within minutes I enter the cyber etheric gateway into other dimensions and levels of reality and unreality.

The reason for setting up these hi-tech and low-tech systems is that, in these post-modernist times, the so called etheric plane has melded and merged and with cyberspace.

The two flow through each other and engage with each other. Strange entities and servitors (or thoughtforms) are being unconsciously (and consciously) created by the human populace.

New beings have come into existence – terrifying, totally alien and amoral entities…

And these beings are carousing through the cyber-etheric plane… flowing in and out of the internet and into our computers, games consoles, tablets, and smartphones.

Once it was demons and gods; now the old archetypes have merged with cyber entities and synthetic intelligences, and they haunt our technologies.

To interact with such entities is both scary and dangerous…

But for the unwary it’s far, far worse. These cyber-etheric entities can cyber-jack out of your devices and literally enter your psyche and possess you – feeding off you, draining you of psychic energy. You become their host and gnaw away hungrily at your very soul.

Many people you see walking around starting at their phones are possessed in this way, their very essence being eaten down to the DNA spirals…

But there is hope…

Not only can we survive in this new multidimensional reality, we can also thrive… SO LONG AS WE BELIEVE IN NOTHING.

Belief must be solely used as an “engine” to get things done. And once a belief or meme has served its purpose, it should be discarded…mercilessly. And another belief adopted as and when necessary.

In other words, we practice “free belief.” We master belief, and the associated “emotional brain” that powers belief. That way, we are no long under the thrall of belief and the reality tunnels that have held humanity back for long ages.

The bottom line is: There are no longer rules. Only one maxim will serve you, and that is: No Gods, No Masters, No Rules.

Go to the place of the crossed roads, hook in your Linux engines and Tor, enter deep vision trance, allow the atavisms of your subconscious to take over… stop thinking in words and language, nullify the word virus… enter the cyber-etheric gateway, and reach the stars that shimmer on the far flung fringes of the multiverse – the place of glimmersparks.

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