I get a lot of people coming to me afflicted by baleful emanations from the Evil Eye. What is the Evil Eye? It is the power to harm others by staring hypnotically – and with extreme malice. It isn’t necessarily intentional – the Evil Eye can come from the accumulated jealousy and envy of friends or family. But equally a nefarious practitioner can cast their withering gaze on someone and afflict them with the Evil Eye.

Either way, it amounts to the same thing: The afflicted person’s luck runs out on them and their lives are ruined, with nothing ever seeming to go right for them. There’s no doubt about it, the Evil Eye takes a terrible toll on people.

To treat cases of the Evil Eye, I use my Seven Black Stones Rite. It soaks up all negative Evil Eye vibrations from the past and those existing in the present. It evaporates them. This allows people to move forward in their lives and helps them re-align with the shinning star or spirit that lies deep within them. It reconnects them with the abundance of the universe, allowing the good things in life to flow more easily once again.

This is the way I perform my Seven Black Stones Rite:

I prepare seven black stones, which I collect during shamanistic journeys on foot through the countryside. I then bury the seven black stones at a local place of power – typically in the graveyard of a ruined abbey in the woods. I leave the stones underground for three days.

When the three days are up, I unearth them and perform a midnight rite at a lonely country crossroads, charging the stones with magnetic, numinous energy.

During the ritual – conducted in a spirit trance – I paint symbols on them from unknown tongues (the language of the spirits). These symbols connect the seven black stones to the seven great spirits that guard the gates separating the earth from the otherworld.

Once this is done, the seven black stones can be used by the afflicted person to ward off and remove the effects of the Evil Eye.

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