If your lover or spouse has left you, quite understandably, your heart will be breaking. If only they’d come back, you sigh forlornly, and everything would be alright in your life again.

You might even say to yourself: “People say a voodoo spell, professionally cast, can bring a lover back. But can it? Is it really true?”

It certainly can sound somewhat unbelievable. But over the last thirty years or so, I’ve been involved in casting voodoo spells for clients for everything from love and money spells to gambling and hex removal spells.

I’ve personally overseen many instances of couples being reunited, sometimes against the odds, with voodoo spells and eclectic techniques of magick.

Fate works in mysterious ways. Once a voodoo spell has been cast, activated, and fired into the ether, the very strands of destiny begin to be aligned in your favour.

The result of the spellworking often comes in unexpected ways. Perhaps an event evokes an emotion in your ex’s mind that reminds them of you, and they become flooded with regret that they walked out on you – and realise that they gave up on the one true love of their life. This leads them to call or message you, and re-uniting is only a matter of time.

Depending on the ritual I choose (usually in line with moon and solar phases), a voodoo ex back spell, such as my Conjure Box, typically involves me visiting a place of power (ancient stone circle, crossroads, old graveyard) where I call upon the spirits and create and charge an artefact, such as a mojo, doll or sigil, with numinous power.

This is then mailed to you with easy-to-follow instructions to personalise it to you. Mailing is optional, though, as it can be done virtually.

Once cast, the voodoo spell works on the etheric plane to create the conditions that will lead to your lover returning to you. Sometimes this happens fast (a matter of days). Other times it can take longer. But I always make a point of staying in touch with clients to ensure a satisfactory result.

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