A lot of people write to me from India wanting voodoo spells to help their kids get good grades in their exams. You can’t blame them. In India, it’s critical you get top results in examinations, whether in school or college. A good grade makes the difference between poverty and affluence in life. Whereas in the West, you can become very wealthy without a single educational qualification.

The typical things people say include:

“I can’t leave my child’s exam results to chance. He works hard. But we need that extra edge – the competition is fierce. We believe a powerful voodoo spell would bring that intangible extra that is required.”

“My son is at a London university. He has to get the highest grades so that he can get a top job in the IT industry in India. We’ve consulted spiritualists here, but feel that voodoo will bring the critical result my son needs.”

“Nothing is more important than a child’s education in India. But I am afraid that jealous family members are using bad jadoo on my son to stop him succeeding in his studies. We need a voodoo spell from you to protect him and help him achieve the best possible exam results.”

The remedy used is a Good Grades Mojo, configured to individual needs after consulting the spirits via a card reading.

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