Frequently asked questions from clients and website visitors.

Are you for real?

I’m a professional spellcaster, known all over the world as a top notch and very reliable practitioner of results magic for a dedicated clientele (as my testimonials show). I’m also a bestselling cult author and have appeared on numerous TV and radio shows around the globe. I became a voodoo man when I was young in the 1980s, studying under the root doctor Earl Marlowe (featured in my bestseller Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook). Here are the relevant links:

Are your recasts free-of-charge?

Yes. There are a very small percentage of cases that need to be recast (which is free of charge). I only recommend spellworkings when I believe there is a real chance of success, thus only a small amount of spellworkings need to be recast. So you only ever pay the initial price on the website – nothing more!

Are your spellworkings guaranteed?

All my spellworkings come with a cast iron guarantee – namely that if results prove slow (unlikely) I will recast the spellworking completely free-of-charge until the issue is resolved. Of course, no genuine voodoo worker or spellcaster can guarantee a 100% success rate any more than a medical doctor can promise 100% success in his or her work. I do, however, have an excellent success rate as my testimonials show.

Can a love spell bring back my lover if they’ve been gone a long time?

Yes, it is possible to bring back a lost lover with spells even if they’ve been away from you for a long time. But it all depends on the circumstances of the split, and on whether they still have a spark of love for you in their heart. Not only that, but the voodoo ritual has to be configured carefully to overcome the barriers and blockages that would exist between you and a love that has been lost for a long time. But it is doable, given the right circumstances. For this we would use our Conjure Box spell – second to none when it comes to getting the job done!

Can karmic debts keep a couple apart? And can this be resolved?

Sometimes people can be soulmates, and yet, perhaps due to paying off lingering karmic debts, they cannot live together and cannot be apart. Thus there is a seemingly perpetual cycle of break-ups and reuniting. Thus a voodoo spell offers a powerful way to reunite a couple, provide a “nudge” on the seas of fate to bring two people together permanently.

Do I have to receive spellworking items?

If you prefer not to have spellworking items mailed to you, that’s fine. I will keep them here on my shrine until the working has come to fruition. Once the ritual has been completed I will send you a letter – via email or mail – describing the ritual in detail and including a photo of your spellworking items, be it a conjure box, mojo hand, voodoo doll, or other type of working.

Do you ever refuse cases?

Yes, I do refuse cases. This is usually when I think the odds are too slim for a voodoo spell to work. Or because the client’s needs would clearly be better suited to something other than a voodoo spell – like a like a medical doctor or psychiatrist, for example. The fact is, if I do a spiritual diagnosis of a case and all the signs are hopeless, then it wouldn’t be fair for me to raise a client’s hopes that their case can be resolved. But I do take on difficult cases occasionally. But only on the understanding that the odds are not good for success, and that it should be seen as a last ditch attempt to resolve the situation. However, I have had a number of successes with cases that looked totally hopeless on every level. So clearly there is sometimes a good case for fighting your corner – even if the odds look bleak.

Do you teach?

No I don’t offer courses or training. But I recommend my Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook for learning the art of voodoo and magick. It’s a mix of how-to-do-it and compelling stories about my life in voodoo.

Do your spells ever fail?

As to spells failing, well, my success rate is very good – going way back to when I was young in the 1980s under the tutelage of Earl Marlowe the voodoo man and bluesman from Trinidad. (Read Twilight Believer which is an account of how I was mentored by voodoo man Earl Marlowe). There are, however, times when chaotic factors in life intervene with a client’s case and a working moves slowly… but if you know what you are doing this can be turned that around and things can be got back on track.

How does the spellworking process work?

First you order a spellworking through the website. Then we send you through a questionnaire for more details (this would include names, dates of birth and photos if you have them). Payments are via Paypal. But we can also accept some wire payments or direct bank payment (you’ll need us to send you details if you want to use these). I then configure the optimal date for your spellworking and carry out the ritual on your behalf – this is typically within 7 days of you ordering. We will let you know when your ritual has been completed, how everything went and what to expect next. After that I will advise you at every turn of events.

How long does it take for a voodoo spell to work?

The spellworkings work from day one but can take up to two months to come to full fruition. So you can certainly see results very quickly, but prepare to be patient.

What happens after I pay for a spellworking?

After payment I send out a questionnaire for details of your case. The questionnaire also asks your name, date and place of birth, and details of anybody else involved. If you have them photos can help. After that I give you a date as to when I will perform the working – typically within seven day from time of purchase.

What if a spell doesn’t work?

In the case of results coming slowly, I do a recast. There are a very small percentage of cases that need to be recast (which is free of charge). This is because I only recommend workings when I believe there is a real chance of success.

What is needed for a lover back spell to work?

For an ex back spell to work it is important that the other person has some feelings still for you – a spark of love still in their heart. If you are unsure about this, the best way to find out is to have a card reading to find out how he or she really feels.

What timings do you use for rituals?

The timings for spellworkings are calculated according to the etheric flow and from the voices of the spirits whispering their “unknown tongues” in my ear. I also use lunar and solar alignments in accordance with the landscape where I choose to do a given working – this could be a country crossroads, stone circle or monument, or old disused graveyard or ancient burial site. The timing methods I use are not found in books or online. They are specific to my tradition of results sorcery, and thus have highly specialized power.

Will a voodoo spell bring me bad karma, or any kind of comeback?

As to “karma” and repercussions, put simply: There is nothing to fear. Any “comeback” element is prevented by symbolic payment during ritual workings. In more depth: In my magickial system there is an inbuilt mechanism to deal with any potential comeback with spells and rituals. In my spellworkings I build in a “payment” to the invisibles (spirits) and this is both a tangible and symbolic payment. The point being, there is NO comeback, no loss…the payment is the symbolic sacrifice. The payment can literally be coins, usually silver coins, herbs, cigars alcohol, whatever suits the nature of the invisibles conjured up.

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