My old voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe, featured in my Voodoo Spellbook, spent quite a number of years in the Southern States of America. One time in Mississippi, around about dusk, he was walking down a dust track when he saw something odd.

“In the distance was a big wooded area close to a lake, and just over the trees I saw a flying horse,” he told me. “At first I thought the sun or the whiskey had got to me. But I blinked my eyes and I could still see it flying just above the treetops.”

Earl wasn’t alone. Over the years there have been a number of reports of flying horses being seen. Usually the horses are brown with wings. Mostly, these “air-mares” precede strong winds and storms. And according to reports from the Old South dating back to the 1920s and before, these remarkable horses live mostly in cliffs, like eagles, along the watercourses.

Earl said: “If a regular horse is dying and it hears the neighing of a flying horse before its end comes, the regular horse will arise and be cured immediately. That’s what the old southern goofer doctors told me after I seen my first flying horse.”

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