When you visit psychic fairs, you see endless readers using tarot. Only rarely do you even see someone using a crystal ball. Yet there are lots of ways of telling fortunes, from the conventional to the bizarre. I personally use old gypsy playing cards for fortune telling. But now and again I use dominoes. Dominoes are a great way of getting an indication of what is coming up in the near future.

I recommend you try it. You’ll be able to get a clear view of the prevailing influences and energies that could effect you and those around you.

Here’s what you do:

  • Place all dominoes face down and then shuffle them.
  • Use three dominoes for the reading. You can select them in either of two ways: (1) Pick up all three at once, or (2) choose them one at a time, reading the chosen domino and divining its message and then returning it to the pile to be shuffled again.
  • With the second method, you could find yourself drawing the same tile twice. If this happens, whatever you have predicted is likely to come to pass very soon, or even immediately.
  • Which ever way you pick up the dominoes, it’s best to use only three at one sitting.

Here are the meanings:

DOUBLE SIX: The luckiest domino of them all, forecasting happiness, success, and prosperity in all aspects of life.

SIX/FIVE: Enhanced status, the presence of a close friend or patron, a sign that any kindness will bring you esteem, a caution toward patience and tenacity.

SIX/FOUR: A quarrel, perhaps even an unsuccessful lawsuit.

SIX/THREE: Travel, enjoyment, a happy holiday; a gift.

SIX/TWO: Good luck and improved circumstances, but only for those who are honest.

SIX/ONE: A wedding; an end to problems, possibly as a result of the intervention of a good friend.

SIX/BLANK: Beware of false friends, for their malicious gossip could cause suffering for you.

DOUBLE FIVE: Change bringing success, a beneficial move, money that results from a new idea.

FIVE/FOUR: Financial luck, possibly unexpected, but avoid making investments at this time.

FIVE/THREE: Calm, serenity; a guest; good news or helpful advice given to you by your boss or a visitor.

FIVE/TWO: Birth, influence from a true patient friend, sociability and enjoyment.

FIVE/ONE: A love affair or new friend, possible unhappy endings for those who are in love.

FIVE/BLANK: Sadness, the necessity of comforting a friend in trouble but with tact and caution.

FOUR/FOUR: Happiness, celebration, relaxation, fun.

FOUR/THREE: Happiness and success instead of expected disappointments but possible domestic problems.

FOUR/TWO: An unhappy change, setbacks, loss, possibly a theft. Beware of a deceitful acquaintance.

FOUR/ONE: Financial problems ahead, pay outstanding debts.

FOUR/BLANK: Bad news; disappointment in love, temporarily thwarted goals. Reconcile disagreements.

DOUBLE THREE: Emotional obstacles, jealousy, but beneficial financial indications; a wedding.

THREE/TWO: Pleasant changes, but be cautious – particularly where monetary matters are concerned.

THREE/ONE: The answer to your question is no, unexpected useful news, outsiders could cause problems.

THREE/BLANK: Unexpected problems at home and work.

DOUBLE TWO: Success and happiness, in spite of the efforts your enemies may be making against you.

TWO/ONE: Loss of money or property, but old friends and a happy social life.

TWO/BLANK: Travel and new friends, but also anxiety. Someone could cause serious difficulties.

DOUBLE ONE: Pleasure, harmony, and affection; a stranger; avoid delaying an important decision.

ONE/BLANK: Be careful; do not let yourself be overly trusting, even though a stranger could bring you news that seems to promise financial gain.

DOUBLE BLANK: Direst omens, negative indications in all areas of life.

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