Create a circle with Tonka or Cacao beans to find out if the person you love feels the same way about you…

Sometimes you want something a little more decisive than the old “he loves me, he loves me not” method of picking petals from a flower to know whether you have a chance with someone you have your eye on, and this spell working will help you to decide whether it’s worth pursuing further.

Here’s what you do…

  1. Get seven beans. The best ones to use are Tonka beans, but if you can’t get those, Cacao beans are fine, or any beans will do.

  2. Locate a place where the one you love is likely to pass.

  3. Arrange the beans in a circle, and then carefully hide them underneath something. If it’s outside, you can use leaves or some artfully arranged dirt. If it’s inside, you can use newspapers or magazines.

  4. Now wait for the one you love to arrive…

How to interpret the bean circle…

• If the one you love steps directly on the beans or comes into contact with them in any way, the relationship will be successful.

• If they step over the beans, this is a particularly good sign.

• If they miss the circle entirely, or start to move towards it, but then change their mind, the person isn’t for you, and it would be a good idea to set your eyes on somebody else.

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Pip DeBelfry is an author and mystic. She performs spells and does crystal ball readings, collects curios, and offers spellcasting help and advice to people around the world.
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