“Four Thieves Vinegar is a powerful ingredient in conjure work,” my voodoo mentor Earl Marlowe told me one time.

I was already aware that Four Thieves Vinegar was used in many workings, but I was puzzled by the name. I couldn’t see it had any relevance to the workings it was used in.

Earl explained: “Four Thieves Vinegar got is name from the terrible plague in Europe – the Black Death. It began in Constantinople in 1347 and thousands of dead bodies were strewn about the streets. Sadly, the dead were robbed o’ their money and¬†jewellery. But robbing the dead was a risky business. Mostly the thieves caught the plague themselves and joined the corpses in the street.”

But there were four thieves who made themselves immune from the plague and were able to ply their grizzly trade without fear of contracting the disease.

“Those four thieves,” went on Earl, “created a vinegar-based potion and avoided the fatal disease. They rubbed it all over their bodies before they started their gruesome thieving rounds to relieve the lifeless of their valuables.”

Earl said you can use Four Thieves Vinegar to force people to move out if they’re causing you grief.

“Write your enemy’s name on parchment paper,” he advised. “Put it in a bottle with Four Thieves Vinegar. Throw the sealed bottle into a river or stream – or into the ocean if you live near one. Your enemy will be compelled to follow the bottle wherever it may go. Alternatively, you can put Four Thieves Vinegar on your enemy’s door knob. After they have touched it, they will become dissatisfied with their living quarters and will move somewhere else.”

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