A voodoo spell can be used to prevent malevolent gossip put around by those that are jealous of you. A common trait of the envious is to use any means to “take you down a peg or two” whether you merit it or not. It might be a co-worker, friend or relative who spreads malicious rumours about you to anybody who will listen. At first you probably wonder why it is they are continually bad mouthing you – especially if you haven’t knowingly done anything to them. In the end, it is usually down to jealously – there’s something about you that they are envious about.

Obviously, these so-called friends aren’t true friends. And if it is relatives gossiping about you, well, in this case you can hardly go with the old adage that “blood is thicker than water.”

What can be done?

You can try to build bridges. But often this doesn’t work. The underlying resentment will usually remain bubbling under the surface. The art, however, is to work on the non-physical plane to remedy the situation.

This is where a voodoo spell to stop gossip comes in. It works on the unseen world to fight your cause and put things right.

Spell cast in the graveyard

Typically I cast the spell in an old disused graveyard some ten miles out of town. I select the grave of somebody that was very powerful in life, and would not take flack from others. I call up the spirit and communicate with it using my obsidian pendulum. This is the way I ascertain if the spirit is willing to help out with the spellworking, and to charge the items with numinous power.

This spirit-charged mojo hand not only empowers you, but also sets a strand of fate in motion to deal with those who would spread malicious rumours against you.


As to the spirit I call up, I give offerings to it, such as liquor, cigars, money, flowers – whatever it asks me for – and these represent symbolic payment for the help the spirit has given. This not only incentivizes the spirit to help out, but also means there is no comeback of any kind from the spellworking.

Mostly though it means that you will be much more empowered in life, knowing that those who would slander your good name will no longer be able to use their malicious words against you.

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