In this age of celebrity lifestyles, reality TV shows and seemingly instant fame, I’ve seen an increase in the number of people who ask for a voodoo spell to help them get rich and famous. I usually recommend that they use my Voodoo Mega-Blaster Wealth and Fame spell. If you too want to up your chances of hitting the really big time, collect together the following:

  • Two green candles in ornate holders (green symbolizes money, and the ornateness is to represent the “over the top” lifestyle that you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if they come from the discount store, just make sure they look jazzy)
  • Incense sticks in a fame and fortune mix
  • John the Conqueror Root (classic money, fame and good luck root, sung about in many famous Blues songs)
  • Tiger’s Eye stone (auspicious for cash dollar and fame)
  • Lodestone (magnetic stone to draw the forces that lie behind money to you)
  • Money Oil
  • A four leaf clover
  • Fools Gold/Pyrite
  • Mojo Hand (green drawstring bag)

Once you’re all set, you’ll need to perform a psychic cleansing ritual, which involves calling to the spirits of the four compass directions and above and below. It helps to set the scene mentally.

Keep it simple. Do the following:

✴ Clap twice and state the purpose of your rite, using your own words to personalize it. Then shout: “Voodoo blaster! Bring me fame, fortune and a heap of gold!”

✴ Call again on the spirits of the four compass points.

“I call to the spirits high in the sky,
I call to the spirits deep down underground.
I call to the East, I call to the West,
I call to the North, I call to the South,
I walk to the crossroads in my spirit mind.”

✴ Now light the green candles and the fame and fortune incense. Then fill the Mojo Hand with John the Conqueror Root, Tiger’s Eye, Money Magnet, Four Leaf Clover and Fool’s Gold. After that, pour the Money Oil over everything in the bag, while intoning the following chant (you could do it in a rapping style):

“Wealth charm, wealth charm,
Bring me riches, bring me fame.
Wealth charm, wealth charm,
Bring me cash, bring me gold.
Wealth charm, wealth charm,
Make my name, make my fame,
Right across the globe.”

✴ Do it three times, as rhythmically as possible. Once you’ve done that, seal up your Mojo Hand by tying it securely with a white cotton cord.

✴ Make sure that you then carry your voodoo charm/mojo bag in a pocket or on a string around your neck for nine days. Alternatively, you could place it somewhere in your home to bring you ever increasing fame and fortune.

You’ll be richer than Bill Gates in no time – But hopefully without the problems of Mark Zuckerberg!

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