Gamblers’ Victory Root

Brings gambling luck and heightens gut instinct and intuition in games of chance.


To be a successful gambler demands that luck is on your side (at least most of the time). Along with having a strategy and good knowledge of the odds. Naturally you have to accept losses. You can’t win all the time. But the idea is to be in overall profit. That is the mark of successful gambler.

A successful gambler knows how to balance loss against profits, and come out ahead – ideally big time. But if luck is against you this isn’t going to happen. Your gambling life will be one of loss and not gain.

This is precisely why gamblers consult me. They want to find a way to ensure luck is with them as much as possible. They want to have a fighting chance of walking out of the casino with more than they went in with – ideally a lot more.

The bottom line is: Casinos can have as much as a 10-15% advantage over players, especially on slot machines.

Therefore, any method of leveling the playing field is a must.

So what do I recommend for gambling luck?

Well, I’ve just put together a new working called the Gamblers’ Victory Root. I’ve purposely designed it to bring maximum fire power at minimum cost. This is because I have a lot of gamblers come to me for help. And I felt I should put in some time and effort to create something to fit most people’s budgets, but also provide them with the highest possible level of effect.

How does it work?

For the ritual I go out after sunset to an out-of-the-way place in the countryside – about ten miles from me (see picture above). The area consists of woods and sections of swamp, and is close to a winding river. Beside the river is an old Victorian obelisk, which I’ve found to be a natural accumulator of “orgone” energy. I utilize this in my magickal working and channel this energy into the artifacts that make up the Gamblers’ Victory Root.

It’s a very powerful and effective way of creating magickal “servitors” (thoughtform type talismans) that really get the job done. The whole area is very atmospheric and very few people go there. So it’s ideal to ramp up magickal power for workings.

So with the Gamblers’ Victory Root, I draw down forces of nature via the obelisk into the artifacts and this very definitely charges them up with what I call the “luck force.” This makes the Gamblers’ Victory Root a highly charged talisman for increasing your luck in gambling.

£95 GBP | $125 USD (Plus postage & packing for faster, secure and trackable delivery)
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Date For Your Spellworking
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