I get a lot of gamblers come to me for good luck charms and voodoo lucky roots. Most hail from places like Las Vegas (no surprise), Louisiana, Florida, L.A. and London. But also from all over the world. The lucky charms are used to entice the winning cards from the ancestral spirits, be they voodoo, hoodoo or even djinn spirits from the East. In the right hands, these charms are said to bring uncanny strokes of luck.

Like my good friend, North American shaman Elias Crazywolf, says: “These voodoo lucky roots are the secret weapon of many immigrant gamblers in North America and urban Britain who pay the spirit doctors to entice the ancestors to bring or coax the lucky hands in poker. This is an element of gambling a player will never admit to because the voodoo doctors they consult tell them the ancestors will hex them if they ever reveal the source of their gambling prowess.”

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