Today I’m gonna talk about focus. Most people talk about wanting to do stuff and achieve their ambitions and goals. Sometimes they’ll talk about this for years. Then when nothing works out, they’ll say, well, life just gets in the way. Yeah, year. Fact is it’s not just life getting in the way. No, they just don’t have the necessary laser-sight focus, and the sheer burning desire needed to get to where they dreamed of going...

They were on the highway, but kept taking a detour, and stopping at every rest stop for a hamburger, and spent too much time worrying about whether they wanted cheese with that or relish. They weren’t stepping on the gas to get to their destination. They weren’t relentless.

Truth is, their attention is scattered. They’re all over the place. Blown hither and thither by every dumb distraction that comes along. They just don’t have the focus they need.

But if you want to achieve your ambitions, you need more than just focus, you need sharp-shooter, intercontinental ballistic missile, laser focus. You can’t fuck around. You have to know what you want and go all out to get it. It has to be hell for leather every single day – even when you dream at night… coz your dreams can bring you the ideas and creativity you need.

You also have to brush everything else aside mercilessly. Anything that ain’t on point to your goals, it has to go. People wasting your precious time, you have to blow ‘em out. Do that and you stand a fighting chance of achieving your ambitions and getting where you wanna go in life.

So how do you develop this kinda focus? Start with the humble task of washing up. Yeah, I know in an ideal world somebody else should be doing this for you, or you have a dishwasher. But bear with me. Washing your dishes is a great way of developing mental focus. Most people find it dull and tend to daydream while they do it. They’re on autopilot. They ain’t in the real world. They’re asleep and in a fantasy world. Dreaming gets you nowhere, it keeps you off the pulse.

So what you wanna do is wash your dishes with conscious attention. Focus on every aspect of washing those dishes. Keep your attention on every move. Do it consciously. When your attention wanders (and it will) bring it back to scrubbing the caked-on egg from your plates.

This is a powerful way of disciplining your mind to do what you want it to do. It’s serious Zen. It’s hardcore spiritual. And it will relax you too. It’ll get you in the zone.

Once you got this skill, you won’t be blown hither and thither by events in life, by other people being a total windup, or even the ping, bing, ding of your damn phone. You’ll be more in control of your mind, and more importantly, able to focus like a fighter pilot dodging flak and going in for the kill. Or like a hawk swooping down on its prey. In both cases, the mind and whole being is one-point focused. Nothing stands in the way. And it has to be the same for you if you wanna achieve your ambitions.

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