In this hardcore self-help book, legendary occult author and business tycoon Doktor Snake gives you the critical keys to rake in tons of money. He shows you how to harness the power of the deep self (subconscious) to attract cash and generate money-making ideas.

Plus he lays down exactly how to gain focus, determination and will power – the three mental disciplines required in the hunt for filthy lucre.

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WARNING: Doc pulls no punches…

  • He’ll drag you kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone.
  • He’ll advise you to drop your loser friends (even romantic partners) if they’re holding you back.
  • He’ll even tell you to affirm that YOU are God and not some “mystery spook” in the sky (when you’re God you can achieve anything).

All this to get YOU on the path to riches and wealth!

NOTE: Anyone wondering… new book is MIND POWER, not spells. It gets to the source, pulls from the core...

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