While a lot of voodoo spellworking requests are for returning an ex, there are always some for getting an ex out of your life for good. Sometimes it may be that you’ve cast a spell to get an ex back in your life – and changed your mind (always say to be wary of that). Or it could be they won’t get out of your hair in the first place!

Whichever it is, this voodoo working WILL finally make ’em get gone…

It’s a spell for all you ladies out there. It involves literally freezing your ex lover with the feminine power of the moon herself. It’s a way of harnessing your own inner forces to make a relationship break as clean and painless as possible.

Here’s what you do:

✴ Collect together a piece of art paper, a new Tupperware container (you can use one of those plastic takeaway cartons with a lid if you have one handy) a glass of water and a piece of fish.

✴ Wait until Lady Moon is full, and then prepare to do your working at midnight. Write the full name of your ex on the piece of paper. Then crumple the paper up into a ball and place it in the Tupperware container along with the piece of fish and the water.

✴ Hold the container up to the Moon and say:

“Light of the Moon
Help me freeze [full name of your ex] out.
Make him leave me alone
To lead my own Life
Now that the spell is cast
The conjure will last!”

✴ Place the container into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator for nine nights (making sure that no one else sees or disturbs it).

✴ Then take it out to a quiet country crossroads – could be a crossing of footpaths in a local woodland. Making sure that no one is around, dig a small hole and drop the contents of the container into it. Then cover the hole with earth. As you do so, repeat the above charm once again. It will only be a matter of time before your ex is totally out of your Life, and your whole life will smell a whole lot sweeter than that fish!

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