This weekend Pip de Belfry and I will be heading over to a small hamlet called Hardley in Norfolk, Eastern England, where the ghost of a witch is supposed to appear on certain nights of the year.

The 19th-century folklorist William Blythe Gerish, claimed that “an old woman in red” appears at midnight sitting on the stone – known as the cross stone (see picture above) – on the corner of Cross Stone Road, keeping watch over all directions.

Paranormal researchers say the color red is associated with spirit energy, and indicates that the ghost is protective of the place it haunts or of a person living nearby; others say it means the ghost is demonic.

As Pip has pronounced psychic abilities we’ll see if anything happens, or whether she picks up anything from the Red Witch.

My view on ghosts and other supernatural phenomena is that we should presume nothing. A ghost may not be the shade of a dead person; a UFO may not be extraterrestrials. Unless they are a hoax, all are something. Strange phenomena does exist. People even occasional see weird cars on the highway, which in the past manifested as “ghost” horse and carriages. Curiously, this still occurs, but with modern transport.

So while Pip does her psychic stuff, I’ll be there with a stick – to poke the ghost if need be, just to see if I can get a reaction and get some idea of what it is. I’ll also use magickal techniques to try and communicate with it.

Thing is, we tend to grow up fearing ghosts, so on seeing one we either run for it, or are somewhat shocked, and rarely do we stay calm and experiment with the phenomena to see what happens.


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