An upcoming rapper called The Prophet came to me for a voodoo spell. His girlfriend was playing around with other men – and women too. She seemed to have a major compulsion to sleep around. The Prophet wanted her to stop cheating.

“We go to a party, man, she get high,” he told me. “Next thing I know she’s gone – bumping some other guy. She into girls too.”

Her cheating was cutting him up like a knife. So I fixed him up with a Voodoo spell – a “Stop Cheating” mojo hand – to prevent her straying and to get her to see how hurtful her ways were to her boyfriend The Prophet.

After fixing up the Voodoo spell and performing the graveyard ritual for The Prophet, I said: “It’s worth bearing in mind that your girl’s cheating, and the compulsion she has to sleep around, is probably down to something in her childhood and upbringing. But don’t worry, the Voodoo spell is very powerful and will put a stop to her cheating ways, once and for all.”

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