So your girl is out a lot and you know she’s lying when she says she’s true to you. You know she’s seeing another guy on the sly. Time to use a little voodoo to keep her home.

Don’t matter how hard you try to convince yourself your girl is faithful to you, deep down you know she’s playing around. Even if you put up emotional barriers like you don’t care, it still cuts to the heart.

Worse still, you’re seeing her fucking another guy in your mind’s eye. You can’t get it off your mind. You see her sucking his dick and taking a hard, heavy pounding, screaming, “Yes, yes, YEEESSS!!!”

Thing to remember is, you’re creating this in your mind. You haven’t actually seen her in action (well, let’s hope not). You’re punishing yourself. Sure, you’re pretty damn certain she’s cheating on you. But the key is not to make it worse by visualizing what she’s up to in your imagination.

You need to stop that and get calm. You wanna approach this rationally. You need a clear head.

What you gotta do is work it out…

No. 1, find out for sure whether she’s playing around or not. If she is, then you need to decide whether to lose her or keep her. Apart from the cheating, ask yourself if the relationship is good or not – whether it is worth saving.

If you believe it is worth saving, you’ve got a number of options. You can talk to her and get it all out in the open. Find out if she is in love with the guy she’s playing around with; or whether it’s just a sexual fling. If it’s purely a fling you could forgive her and look to healing the relationship and getting it based on trust, where you are both open and honest with each other.

Naturally, it’s gonna be hard for you to trust her again. She’s done it once, which means she is capable of doing it again.

The key is not to have stuff going on behind your back. Relationships need to be based on trust. Lying and cheating will only destroy a relationship. But if she promises you that she will not lie to you again, then that is a start to making things good again.

So where does the voodoo come in?

Well, it’s a way of being certain your girl won’t cheat on you again. It’s a way to have peace of mind. There are numerous voodoo strategies you can use. But let’s keep it simple and without the need for paraphernalia. So I’d suggest you go to a graveyard and call on the spirits to aid you in your desire.

You could call on your ancestors. Which case go to a graveyard where a relative is buried. Might be a grandparent or great grandparent. You might not have known them well. But that’s fine. The main thing is you respected them or respect their memory. It could even be an ancestor going way back. If so, make sure it’s one that had strong personal power.

What you need to do is go to your ancestor’s grave and take an appropriate offering. It might be flowers, liquor or cigars, or chocolate. Take whatever your intuition tells you to take. And choose a time of day or night that feels right – again follow your intuition.

Lay down your offering and kneel beside the grave…

If nobody is about, talk outloud to your ancestor – otherwise speak internally. The spirits hear you either way.

Tell them what it is you need, as in keeping your girl true to you. Tell your ancestor that you’ll bring an offering once a month from now on if they grant your wish, and also that you’ll tend their grave, keep it neat and tidy.

You might not actually hear the voice of your ancestor. You might or you might not. Or they might seem to be speaking in your head. Either that or you’ll get a strong feeling, almost as if you are energized in some way. All ways round you’ll get a strong impression that they will grant your wish.

If you don’t get that feeling, your ancestor might not think that granting your wish is right for you. They might feel that you need to get away from your girl, that she’s bad news. Which case, it’s wise to take heed of this. If you don’t you might find your relationship goes from bad to worse. But you were warned.

Bear in mind the spirits or ancestors don’t always grant your wishes. They’ll mostly see the bigger picture and only help you when it is in your best interests.

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