Now, she could be a crazy dog – well, to be fair, an educated crazy dog (she got one o’ dem fancy PhDs). Or she could be just plain nasty. But what we do know is the blogger Quiet Riot Girl (Dr Eleanor Tams) is an internet troll, a bad mouther, who hides behind online screen names (well she did up until her real I.D. was revealed).

I don’t have no beef with her personally. But it turns out she’s been hardcore dissing a good guy of my acquaintance called Paul Burston, a novelist and journalist. Dissing him for no good reason.

I mentioned what’s goin’ down to Prof. Crow, just now. He’d had a heavy night on the liquor. But before he passed out he echoed my view, muttering:

“Fuckin’ cowards! Looks like there should be a reckoning. Looks like a ghost curse better be laid down on that goddamn ho. Yeah man, a righteous ghost hit. I hate them motherfucking bullies as much as you do, Doc…”

Yep, a ghost hit is right, turn that troll to stone with da risin’ sun.

But let’s flesh out this situation. Like I say, Paul Burston is a writer and media guy whose novels include The Gay Divorcee (2009) and Shameless (2001). He edits the gay and lesbian section of London listings magazine Time Out, and in 2008 won the Stonewall Award for the magazine’s coverage of gay and lesbian issues. He also was named one of the 101 Most Influential Gay People in Britain in the Independent newspaper’s pink list.

So it ain’t hard to guess what’s comin’… Dr Eleanor wasn’t impressed and took it upon herself to launch a relentless personal attack against Paul on her Quiet Riot Girl blog and as @Notorious_QRG on Twitter, calling him stuff like “gaylord” and “princess Burston.” Old time gay hatin’ talk.

Why? Well, as Paul himself says:

“She calls herself a ‘bifurious faggot’ – i.e. she’s a straight woman who did a gay studies course, and thinks this entitles her to be a homophobic ‘cuntrarian.’

My view is this:

Dr. Eleanor Tams is an educated blogger lookin’ to make a name for herself by attacking others. Ain’t the way to do it, baby. You gotta find your own personal power. You gotta find your own swagger that’s for real. Gotta lose some o’ that educatin’ (easy for me as I never went to no skool and don’t have none o’ those fancy qualifications) otherwise it’s all intellectualisin’, just words, that goes nowhere. If you don’t find your true swagger, your cool, you’ll burn in yo’ own malevolent fires, get nowhere, and be eaten up with envy and hate till the day you die.

So I say to Dr. Eleanor: Cut the crap. Stop da dissing. Make yo’ peace with Paul. And write or build something cool that don’t involve no bad mouthing. You gotta build da peace.

NOTE: Doc Eleanor also lays into author Mark Simpson and columnist Suzanne Moore – usually via her GraunWatch site which is in a diss war with the Guardian newspaper (which Simpson and Moore write for). She dislikes the newspaper’s liberal stance. To be fair, I’m no fan of the Guardian either, as it is left wing and goes against my stance of freedom, liberty from government, UK gun-rights, and free enterprise. But that’s no excuse for Dr. Eleanor’s nasty dissing. Like I say, she’s gotta find her swagger and do something constructive.

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