This spell was given to me by my great uncle Roland, a gypsy on his mother’s side…

Roland was in his seventies when I was a teenager and he was then living in Warwickshire, England, having spent many years on the road due to his nomadic roots.

He said the spell would keep a couple together through thick and thin, and would heal a broken relationship too.

This is what you do:

✴ Take a blade of grass in your mouth. Preferably a piece of long meadow grass if you’ve got a wild area in your garden, or get some from a nearby park that has a wildlife-friendly section.

✴ Turn to the east and say: “When the sun goes up, so shall my love be by me!”

✴ Then turn to the west and say: “When the sun goes down, there by (his or her) side I’ll be!”

✴ Now cut the blade of grass into pieces. Cook up a meal for your ex lover and before you serve it up add the grass to their portion. If the meal is chilli or spaghetti bolognese, this should be easy.

According to my great uncle, your ex lover only has to swallow the tiniest piece of grass for them to “come running back to you.” It will also make them loyal and “true hearted,” he said.

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