This is a question I get asked regularly by clients; they are afraid somebody has laid a voodoo doll curse on them. Their fear is understandable. If configured correctly, it is said that a voodoo doll, or magically charged manikin, can cause you great harm. Reportedly it can ruin your luck, dismantle your love life, make you lose your lover, split a couple up, keep you poor, and cause great hardship and despair… at worst, even kill you.

Some say you have to believe in the power of voodoo and magic for a doll curse to work: if you don’t believe in it, so the notion goes, it doesn’t work or have any effect on you. There’s a nice story concerning this point involving the great physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962). A visitor to his house noted that he had a horseshoe nailed up outside his house. The visitor asked how a great scientist could believe there was such a thing as magic, and rely on lucky horseshoes. Niels Bohr dryly replied: “I understand that they work whether you believe in them or not.”

Bohr was probably only joking…but it is a nice almost zen koan-like point.

Of course, belief can be unconscious and be rooted at the back of your mind. So you could be highly sceptical, but deep down you fear the notion of voodoo dolls and curses. In which case, that unconscious belief could be your undoing, and the curse or hex will have done its job.

Whatever belief system you subscribe to, or none at all, as the case may be, you have to deal with either the reality of a voodoo doll curse, or your lurking unconscious fears. Both ways around, the art is to to fight fire with fire – deal with the curse congruously by using a hex removal tool.

In fact, belief doesn’t have to come into it. You can be a sceptic and still get the job done. You simply enter a given belief system for a period of time, use the tools within that paradigm, such as a hex removal spellworking, then leave that belief system behind…. obviously using then discarding belief is not something a religious-minded person can do easily, but a part of life for the experienced results magician…

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