A “hot foot” voodoo spell – cast by a love rival – broke up Melissa James’ relationship with her boyfriend…

“I was the victim of a curse,” said Melissa. Turned out a love-rival – a woman who had her sights set on Melissa’s boyfriend – hired a spellcaster to “run” Melissa out of town. The idea being to free up the ground to get her own claws into Melissa’s boyfriend.

Melissa’s live-in boyfriend literally threw her out all of a sudden one day. Melissa was devastated. They’d been together five years and were still passionate with each other – until the night he threw her out.

He did own the apartment so technically, if not ethically, he could throw her out.

It came about this way…

Somebody called Melissa saying that her sister had mislaid her phone and could she come over as a matter of urgency.

Thinking it was one of her sister’s friends, Melissa walked over to her sister’s – using the route she always took across a city park.

This involved walking down a narrow tree-lined footpath, where, for no apparent reason, she tripped and fell. Looking around she could see nothing that could have tripped her up. It was odd, but she didn’t think anything of it.

When Melissa got to her destination, her sister said she knew nothing of the phone call.

“I did lose my phone today,” she told Melissa. “But I didn’t get anybody to call you…”

Melissa returned home to find her boyfriend yelling at her and saying he didn’t love her any more, and hadn’t done for some time. He told her to get out there and then. And that their five year relationship was at an end.

Totally distraught, Melissa left town to stay with her aunt…

Shortly afterwards she came to me. I looked into the matter by doing a card reading. With that and some other investigation, I found that a woman had been after Melissa’s boyfriend for some time (a woman working at his office). And this woman had gone to a voodoo spellcaster to put a root on Melissa to get her out of the picture – run her out of town, which worked.

She’d laid a “hot foot” root on Melissa, which demanded she walk over it. And so an elaborate plan was hatched to lure Melissa out of the house (the woman pretended to be a friend of Melissa’s sister’s) so she walked over the area where the hot foot root was buried. The spellcaster would later have dug up the root and probably taken it to her altar or shrine to do further dark work, some of which was no doubt targeted at Melissa’s boyfriend. And this is what led to the explosive break up and Melissa leaving town.

It took me a good couple of months to break the hot foot root. But once all vestiges of the hex were removed Melissa and her boyfriend were reunited.

Because the black work was also directed at Melissa’s boyfriend, once the spell was broken, he was dazed for a week or so, almost as if he had no idea what had happened. But eventually he returned to normal and the two were happy again.

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