If you’ve lost your job, it could have been down to black magic. The recession has cut deep and has made people desperate to keep their jobs and they will use any means available – and that includes using black magic – to get rid of their rivals.

Traditionally people used spells for an extra bit of good luck at work or to get a promotion. But now it seems that they are getting their workmates cursed – certainly judging by the amount of workplace hexes and jinxes I’m dealing with now, which have literally soared!

The bottom line is, bad luck at work or constantly failing to get that promotion or pay rise aren’t necessarily signs of bad luck, they may be signs that somebody has gone and cursed you.

As my voodoo brother Prof. Crow says:

“People are gonna use anything they can to get ya fired so they can keep their own job. They’ll look to whammying their competition. And there’s lotsa voodoo people out there who will happily lay a curse on someone.”

Fact is, it could well be unwise to put bad luck in the workplace down to chance.¬†Best bet is to get an expert to look and see if you are under the evil eye and reverse it. It’s too easy just to shrug you shoulders when actually somebody has put the Devil on you…

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