Here’s a blow-by-blow account of a healing ritual from one of my readers called Syn, a very perceptive and naturally gifted magickal practitioner from the U.S.

This is her story in her own words:

Some time ago I was looking for legal advice. This led me to meet a woman in her fifties who had a young outlook. And after spending a little time together, I told her I dabbled in the world of magic.

We talked a little about it, had a few laughs, and then moved on to talk about business. We ended up becoming firm friends and I’ve now known her for about three years.

On one of our most recent meet-ups, she said she hadn’t been feeling well. I asked her what the trouble was. She told me she was suffering from arthritis and psoriasis, both of which she’d had for some time.

Her condition had got so bad that she was on high dosage medications. It was her neck that seemed to be giving her the most trouble. She said she’d got an appointment booked to have it looked at. But jokingly asked if I could work some Voodoo on her.

She was not a believer in such things. So we laughed about it for a minute or two, then I looked at her and said:

“You know, Voodoo is NOT bad. Voodoo is actually a religion and if you compared it to what you know of as white magic and black magic, it is more like white magic. It’s a good thing.”

She looked unsure for a moment, then asked me to try some healing voodoo. The fact was, she was sick of conventional doctors and would be open to almost anything.

I told her that not everything I do works, but that I would give it my best shot.

Without hesitation, she gave me a lock of her hair, which I took home in an envelope that had her name and ailments written on it.

That week, she went to have an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) done on her neck and emailed me that they found a spur on the left side where it had been so painful.

I dabble in a lot of different magical techniques. I’m no big expert on voodoo, but have learned enough that keeps me wanting to learn more. So when I look for something to work with for a given outcome or for healing, I look in different areas. For my friend, working with a poppet [voodoo doll] seemed to be the area to look into.

I was drawn to Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook. I went to the healing section and found the Heal-All Spell. After reading it, I decided this was the one I wanted to work with.

It was simple and straightforward (I like things simple!). Well, I’d never made a human poppet before, but the spell guided me to the page to do just that. It was very quick and easy. I made her poppet as directed. With every stitch I made, I filled my mind with strengthening and healing thoughts for my friend. My whole mind was focused; I let no other thoughts intrude.

I placed the lock of my friend’s hair on and around the neck area where it was most painful. I then wrapped the doll in white tissue paper, as instructed by Doktor Snake, until I was ready to do my work.

The time period and day I chose to do this work was the Tuesday following her MRI. I first did the opening ritual as described in Doktor Snake’s book then did the Heal-All Spell, but I added something of my own. I placed an unbroken, uncooked egg beside the poppet. This, I reasoned, would serve as a repository for the disease or illness to go into, as I didn’t want it to go into me!

I continued lighting the candles and saying the incantation for about two weeks. I recited the incantation each morning for as many times as seemed right. I would say and feel it a little louder each time until I was finished.

I let the candles burn all day unless, of course, I left the house. In which case, I would just relight them when I returned.

Doing this ritual over two weeks was my choice. I wanted to feel sure, in my mind, that my friend’s whole body would feel the healing. I felt that the spur in her neck was the focal point of all the aches and pains she felt throughout her body.

My friend later told me that the pain had gradually ebbed away, and she said she was going to see about reducing the dosage of her medication and, in the long run, cut it out altogether.


She emails me once or twice a week on other matters, but always thanks me for my work in every email.

I also used Doktor Snake’s closing ritual and thanked the spirits and the poppet. I will give the poppet to my friend for continued good health and well being.

And now, four weeks after the MRI (which includes the two weeks of work), my friend’s pain has not returned. What’s more, she’s vacationing in Mexico with her hubby, feeling good and having a great time!

Now, my first experience with a hand made human poppet and Doktor Snake’s Spellbook has been a very rewarding one. So thank you Higher Powers and Doktor Snake, for sharing your work. Your book is a “Keeper” and right on top!

Thanks Syn. Very kind comments! But my Voodoo Spellbook is just a guide. The real healing power was in you. And the greatest strength of the work you performed is the way you improvised and followed your own intuition. Always listen to your inner spirit, or subconscious mind. That’s the key.

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