Black jadoo magic had been laid on him and it was ruining his life…

Mohamed emailed me from West London saying his life was being blighted by jadoo black magic (jadoo is an Eastern term for magic). There’s a lot of this going on in the UK these days. Mohamed said a love rival had paid a jadoo worker to lay a hex on him.

“It’s really scary,” he said. “The moment I fall asleep, this demonic mist comes for me and I wake up. I can’t sleep I’m so frightened. It’s black jadoo, it’s too powerful for me. I can’t fight it… please remove this hex from my life.”

The black jadoo magic hex had also brought Mohamed a lot of bad luck. Nothing seemed to go right for him. He lost his job. Things kept going wrong with money. Even a tax rebate turned out to be a mistake. Even members of Mohamed’s family had turned on him for no apparent reason.

“I can’t take anymore,” he said. “The dreams are killing me, I just can’t sleep. And the bad luck just gets worse and worse.”

I told him not to worry and set about fixing up a Break A Hex spell for him. This involved me going to a country crossroads and calling upon the “invisibles” to remove the baleful jadoo magic. I gave Mohamed the spirit bag, which had been charged during my crossroads ritual, and instructed him to keep it somewhere safe, and “feed” it daily with anointing oil.

Almost immediately Mohamed reported feeling better. “It’s like a weight has been lifted from me,” he said.

Over coming weeks, things improved more and more. The rift in Mohamed’s family was healed, and luck started coming his way again. And most importantly, the dreams of a demonic mist completely went away.

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