I’m gonna do a voodoo spell to spring rapper Young Jeezy outta jail. Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, is a good guy. And he once helped me out in a small way and that will not be forgotten. But he’s been arrested on an illegal weapons charge. OK, I know it ain’t great having an AK-47 on your tour bus, which is what Jeezy and his crew were pulled in for…but who knows, maybe there was good reason?

There were other weapons on the bus, which the suspects weren’t supposed to possess.

Young Jeezy, a Def Jam Records artist, was performing with Wiz Khalifa in the Under the Influence Music Tour. But last Friday, at a gig at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Silicon Valley, things turned to tragedy. A guy called Eric Johnson, 38, of Orinda, was shot multiple times and later died in hospital. Police haven’t connected this to the arrests of Jeezy and his crew…but who knows what will come out in coming days?

Still, I’m 100% certain that Jeezy himself had no part in the shooting. Thus I will fix up a mojo to help spring him from jail. The bail is $1,000,000 for Jeezy and each of his crew that were pulled in. I’m sure the various business interests will arrange that, but I figure a little voodoo to usher things along won’t go amiss.

So yep, this very night, I’m off to do a midnight ritual in a local graveyard – in the old section that dates back to Victorian times. I shall call down some powerful spirits, wily old outlaws from long ago, to charge up a “Get Outta Jail” mojo for Jeezy. In the meantime, we’ll see what goes down.

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