Hoodoo honey jars are used to sweeten up situations and people, whereas sour jars are for returning negative energies to malicious gossips or to troublesome people…

Many people are familiar with the concept of using hoodoo honey jars for sweetening up situations or people. But did you know you can also make sour jars to return negative energies to people who may be talking badly of you or just trying to cause trouble in your Life?

We’ll play nice and go with the honey jar first. These can be used for any purpose where you want to sweeten someone or something. Husband or boyfriend not treating you right? Hit him with a honey jar – well, maybe not literally or that could end you in a whole lot of trouble that no honey jar will get you out of.

To do this, all you need is a jar with a lid, some honey, some brown paper (the kind grocery bags are made of) and a candle. If it’s a Love working, I would use a red, pink or purple candle.

Take your piece of brown paper and write the name of the person you wish to enchant across it three times. Then turn the paper clockwise and write your name across their name three times. When you have done that, write around the border of the paper “asthishoneysweetenslifesoyoushallbesweettome” (Yep, that’s deliberate – you should write it all joined together without taking your pen off of the paper. If you do, then start again. Dot the i’s and cross the t’s afterwards, that’s fine).

Once you have your petition paper made, fold it towards you, turn it clockwise, fold it again and turn it clockwise again, and then do it a third time. You can tie the petition paper with a piece of red, pink or purple ribbon or thread if you wish, just to seal in the Love.

Put some honey into the jar, remembering that it is really important to taste the honey first. Honey jars are the the working of choice of Oshun, and she loves honey, but someone tried to poison her with honey once, so you need to prove to her that it is safe. Place the petition paper into the jar on top of the honey, then add more honey and if you wish, you can add in love drawing herbs and crystals.

Once you have completed your jar, make sure to seal it tightly with the lid. Also make sure that you have poured all of your good lovin’ intent into the jar. We want no half measures. Put the lid on the jar, and give it a gentle shake just to get it all activated nicely. Place your candle on top of the jar (you can anoint it with a Love drawing oil if you like), and light it. Leave it to burn while you fill your mind with thoughts of the Love that you wish the jar to bring you. It doesn’t matter if the wax drips down the sides of the jar, as it will just serve to seal all of your intent into the working.

Ok, on to the not so sweet … If you have someone who has been bad mouthing you, or if you have people trying to cause trouble in your Life, you can send it right on back at them. It may be an ex who is trying to cause trouble, or your partner’s ex stirring in your relationship.

You start with the same basic lidded jar, but go with a black candle. Half fill the jar with vinegar (some people use their own urine ,but if you’re understandably not too keen on that idea, vinegar is perfectly fine). Take a piece of brown grocery bag paper as before, and write their name across it three times. If you don’t know their name, you can just go with something like “The Evil One”, as YOU know who you’re aiming your intent towards. Next turn it and write your name across it three times. This time, around the edge you want to write “asyouhavesouredmylifesoshallthisvinegarsouryours”. Again, remember to write it in one continuous flowing word – no taking your pen off the paper.

Fold the paper away from you, focussing all of your intent on what you are trying to achieve, then turn it anti-clockwise and fold it away from you again, and then repeat it third time. You then take a nail and pierce the petition paper with it. If it is difficult to do, you can start the hole with scissors. Pop it into the vinegar jar, and add in anything sharp like pins, broken glass or whatever feels right to you. If you are happy with broken pieces of mirror, they work really well, as they “reflect” the negativity back to the sender. But if broken mirrors would make you anxious, leave them out, as you won’t be able to focus your full intent on the working.

You can also place multiple petition papers into the same jar – you don’t have to do a separate jar if you have more than one person causing you grief. Finally, pop the lid on the jar, place your black candle on the top (you can anoint it with any kind of revenge oil if you wish), light it and force as much of your desire for them to stop hassling you into it as you can. Leave it to burn for as long as you feel is necessary, and when this one is done, you just need to pop it somewhere dark and away from sunlight.

So there you go – whether there are people in your Life that you want to sweeten up or ones that you just wish would hush their blabbering, you have the perfect solution in your hands.

If you try either of these, or have done in the past, let me know what kind of results you got!

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