My hoodoo mentor Earl Marlowe often used photographs in his conjuring. "To get a lover to return," he said, "you need to turn a photograph of them upside down for nine days. They'll come running back by the tenth day."

He also claimed that turning a photo upside down could cause someone to have a headache. "Upend their picture and say a rhyming chant and they'll double-up with head pain. Hammer a nail into it and they'll be screaming in agony."

He also insisted that you could drive someone insane by putting a their photo under a leak in the roof where the water can drip on it. "But if you wanna kill someone," he added, "you nail your victim's photograph to an evergreen tree and shoot at it for nine mornings. Either that or you bury their photo in the graveyard. When it fades the person dies."

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