Hot Foot Harry is a servitor that compels any malefactor away from you. It gets rid of unwanted troublemakers in your life.

It’s basically a thoughtform (servitor) in a bottle that acts like a brain programmed for one purpose – to remove any evil doer from your life, once and for all.

You could see it as a “genie” in a bottle – a shimmering energy pattern configured to remove unwanted people who are plaguing your life.

This is how I came up with the Hot Foot Harry servitor working: One of my regular clients – Janey Sommers – contacted me asking if I could create a powerful “hot foot” working for her to get rid of a lodger who just wouldn’t leave her home, despite never paying his rent in full.

Janey wrote me an email describing how the Hot Foot Harry servitor worked for her, and she wanted to share the experience with my readers. This is what she said:

“I had a real problem and Doc helped me out. The problem was with a lodger, who I’ll call ‘Mister Lodger.’ He was a freeloader who found an easy touch with me. I’m an easy-going, caring person and Mister Lodger hardly ever paid his rent in full. He didn’t have a job, and his rent was covered by welfare… but he spent it on booze and other stuff, rather than giving me the rent.

He took advantage of me basically, and he even sponged money off me on top of keeping the rent. He’d give me a sob story and I fell for it.

In the end, I’d had enough. But I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t feel strong enough to kick Mister Lodger out.

But then I thought of Doc and I asked him to do a Go Away spell for me. Doc said, ‘Leave it to me,’ and he cast this Hot Foot Harry spell, which he did in a graveyard, calling on dark spirits and putting this spirit – which Doc calls a ‘servitor’ – into a bottle, along with graveyard dirt.

Doc told me to put the bottle on the mantelpiece where Mister Lodger sat every night watching my TV – that’s how bad it got… Mister Lodger had taken over my house, and I didn’t even have access to my lounge.

Next thing I know, Mister Lodger was saying he was having weird dreams and horrible nightmares about this terrifying black entity that came into the room and tried to strangle him… he had these nightmares night after night, and ended up not being able to sleep at all.

After about a week he was gone and he left every penny of the back rent he owed…

And he told people my house was haunted or possessed, and that he’d never come to my place ever again – not for all the money in the world.

I knew better. My house wasn’t possessed. It was Doc’s Hot Foot Harry servitor that got to Mister Lodger, and got rid of that freeloader for good!

Anyway, Doc told me that, now the job is done, to bury the Hot Foot Harry servitor out in the countryside, and to give thanks to the spirit that helped me.

Now I’ve got my house back, and I’m so happy!”

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