It’s as natural as, well, the birds and the bees. We all look for Love. We want companionship, and whether we admit it or not, most of us seek to satisfy the pleasures of the flesh. We cannot and should not deny our animal desires, we should unleash our lusts (well, as long as it’s consensual, obviously).

But what if you can’t seem to get that elusive hot date? Simple. You use voodoo to enhance your attractiveness and make your personality more magnetic. So here are a few tips to bring a new man or woman into your Life.

Break the ice with rice
Many women voodoo practitioners use rice powder to make themselves more alluring. They enter a light trance state, then do a cleansing ritual. Then do a complete body rubdown with the powder. It’s believed to boost their sexual attraction and heighten passion during lovemaking.

Sweat it for sex
Other voodooists believe that a handkerchief wiped under the armpits and then wafted gently across the face of someone of the opposite sex will guarantee a new lover. This is a very old voodoo tactic, which was once very popular in New Orleans. If you want to ramp up the animal essence here, you can go one step further and use the handkerchief to wipe the groin area.

I haven’t tried it personally, but anyone who has success with it should be congratulated.

Still need to pump up the passion?
Voodooists really can seem like gluttons for punishment. First it’s sweat, now it’s garlic – anyone for going for broke and using garlic sweat? – Anyway, if you want to give this one a try, the following charm is said to awaken the passions of the one you love.

Puncture two garlic bulbs with a steel nail, so they’re held together. The top bulb represents you, and the bottom bulb represents the lover you desire. Hide the charm in the corner of a dark closet until the one you care for begins to respond. If they haven’t responded by the time it starts to grow shoots in the closet, I would suggest you do yourself a favor and either throw the damn thing out, or plant it and at least feel you’ve gotten something from it, and try again.

A Voodoo priestess in New Orleans insisted that this will make the person you desire “overflow with passion.”

Hmmm … maybe …

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