If you’ve got the hots for someone, but they aren’t showing any signs of feeling the same way about you, try this voodoo love spell to enchant them into only having eyes (and their heart!) for YOU

Make or buy a red voodoo doll. As mentioned before, if you can go that extra mile and make it yourself, so much the better, as you literally put a part of yourself into into it.

Next, write the name of the person you desire on a piece of parchment paper or thick art paper. If you don’t know their name, and you’re in love with them from afar, draw or write some symbols or words that have meaning to you about who they refer to. Now attach this piece of paper to the doll using a NEW pin, and paint the head of the pin red before the ritual.

Place the voodoo doll comfortably on a red cloth-velvet or silk is nice-and anoint it with seven drops of Come To Me Oil. Anoint two red candles with Luv Luv Luv Oil (remembering to draw the oil towards you in this case). Place the candles one on each side of your doll.

Light the candles and summon the spirits with the following prayer to grant your wish:

“Spirits, bring my dearest love, (say their name or how you choose to name them if you do not know it) to me,
Enchant him/her with love and desire for me,
Make (their name) want me more than anything else in the world.”

Allow the candles to burn down, and then keep the voodoo doll in a safe and comfortable place. Repeat this ritual until a result is obtained – but DON’T do the ritual more than once a week.

If this voodoo love spell doesn’t bring even the smallest glimmer of a result within 23 weeks, you will NEVER get a result. Unfortunately, sometimes the Universe and Fate do not decree, for whatever their reasons are, that you should be with the person you desire … In that case, you need to accept that is the plan, and move along and find yourself another honey!

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