This voodoo card deck, psychic reading revealed the solution to saving her marriage…

I was amazed. I did a psychic reading – using my swamp voodoo card deck – for a client called Maxine. Her husband had run off with a younger woman who worked in a local bar. Maxine was distraught, couldn’t eat, and was barely making it to work.

When she came to me, I said, “Best begin with a psychic reading, see what’s going down.”

So I cracked open my swamp voodoo card deck, and laid out a spread. I lit a cigar and mused on the cards. As I drifted in and out of trance, I started to see what the problem was, and how it could be solved.

“Hey, Maxine,” I said. “I’ve done your psychic reading, and the omens are looking good to get your man back.”

I told her that the “shadow” card was prominent, along with the “Jack O’ Lantern” card.

“Here’s the thing,” I said, “the psychic reading shows that your man, deep inside, is yearning for new experiences. His life feels kinda staid, like a lot of guys of his age,  and he’s fallen for a mirage… the younger woman. But’s found it’s not making him happy. And he knows it’s not the answer.”

I told Maxine she needed to meet with him and talk. Get him to address the fact that he needs to look within to find the happiness and new experiences he craves.

Maxine took my advice – took on board what the psychic reading had revealed. And within three days her husband was back, and was desperately sorry for hurting her.

He realized the answer to his issue was not a new relationship, but was about refreshing his marriage and revitalizing the spirit of love they had at the beginning.

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