What are the symptoms  of a curse? How does it effect you? And can it kill you?

If you’ve had a curse laid on you by somebody who knows what they are doing, you need to worry. It can kill you. At best it will ruin your life. Your luck will run out on you. Nothing will go right.

One client who came to me said:

“My guy left me for another woman, and she had a voodoo worker lay a curse on me. It got around, what she’d done. I didn’t take it seriously – at first. But then I lost my job. I felt tired all the time. My friends stopped calling me. I felt lonely and isolated. I didn’t have money for the rent, so I lost my home. Then I got really depressed. Life didn’t seem worth living, and I felt like ending it all. I really thought I was going to die, anyway… so what’d I got to lose?”

Others report having snakes or lizards crawling through their bodies. Some see things out of the corner of their eyes, in their peripheral vision – often shadowy entities staring at them. They’ll go to their eye doctor and they won’t find anything. Yet those shadowy beings still appear, usually at night.

And then there’s the nightmares. Another client describes this:

“I was too afraid to go to sleep at night. I did anything to stay awake. But when I did fall asleep, I’d be in this derelict house and I couldn’t find a way out. I knew something was in there with me. I was terrified. There’d be noises, scuffling, and grunting like a pig or wild boar. And then there’d be a laugh, a chilling, inhuman laugh. I knew whatever it was was out to get me, but was enjoying toying with me. And then when I saw it, my heart almost stopped… I couldn’t even scream. I was frozen to the spot. It was a monstrous thing, with tentacles and large staring, mean eyes. It’s skin was gnarled and like a reptile. One of its tentacles reached out and pulled me to the monster, which squeezed me tightly as if it was my lover… then it slowly sucked out my soul… all my life was being sucked into this creature, and I knew this was way beyond dying, it was an ending of my existence.”

She typically woke up at that point. But what these nightmares did was completely destroy her life. She couldn’t work and lost most of her friends and family. Nobody stood by her – possibly because it was just too weird.

But can anything be done to remove a curse?

Definitely. You can fight fire with fire and totally remove the effects of a curse. In the more severe cases, it’s not easy, but can be done. I typically do curse removal in an old disused Victorian cemetery. I go into possession trance and call on the spirits to charge various specially-made artifacts, which I put into a spirit bag. I give this to the client and this dissipates the curse.

Often clients report immediately that they feel a weight lifted from them. This brings them hope and positivity. From there the baleful symptoms of the curse are gradually lifted, and they are able to rebuild their lives for the better.

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