A voodoo doll is an artifact of power. A manikin with it’s own living spirit configured to bring your request into material reality. For simple and straightforward tasks, a voodoo doll spellworking is results magick par excellence. It gets the job done, which is what results magick is all about.

The first thing I do is create a voodoo doll and charm. The charm is hung around the voodoo doll’s neck like an ornate necklace. Both the voodoo doll and charm are hand-crafted and configured to match the purpose of the working.

Once these items are created, I enter a possession trance and conjure up the spirits. Via me, the spirits charge the voodoo doll and charm with kinetic energy – bringing them to life with a living, breathing spirit inside – thus enabling them to bring your request into everyday reality.

A voodoo doll is a talisman. It gets non-complex cases moving and puts issues on the right track to being resolved.

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