Where I work

My main office is in Eastern England, on the edge of town close to the countryside. In many ways my office is like that of a private detective, numerous filing cabinets, laptop on the desk, letters and newspapers strewn around. It’s not the tidiest of places, but welcoming enough.

But that’s where the similarity to a private eye’s establishment ends, as the adjoining room is my temple. The only furniture in the office-cum-temple is a large and tatty Marshall speaker cabinet, which serves as makeshift altar, with one white and one black candle placed on it, along with a couple of brass incense burners, and assorted roots and herbs.

Lining the walls is an array of old brown Bakelite storage containers, filled with the accoutrements of the voodoo man’s trade. In the middle of the room is a chalked circle with each of the eight compass points marked by a mysterious-looking sigil.

This is where I do most of my voodoo work (although I do often do ritual work at places of power out in the wilds of the countryside). Sometimes it involves conjuring up spirits or the dead (ancestors); other times I evoke fearsome deities. It all depends on what I’m trying to accomplish. As I often say, “This is results magic, I don’t pussyfoot around. I do what has to be done.”

Casting a spell

The first thing I do is gather relevant information from a client – the ins and outs of their case, name and place of birth, details of anybody else involved in their situation, and so on. I then look at what it is they want the spell to achieve. This could be the return of an ex lover, money, gambling luck, a hex removed or a spell broken.

I then map out and configure the necessary ritual that will bring their desires or wants to fruition. In essence, I’m looking at how a given procedure – a ritual – can impact the etheric flow and the fibres of fate to bring about the changes a clients wishes to see in their life.

From there, I go to my temple and rummage through the array of Bakelite boxes to find the magical ingredients needed. This can include anything from the “powerhouses” of magic, such as John the Conqueror root or Wildman Jake root, the later I collect from the countryside at the dark of the moon during the midsummer months. I also make various oils and powders, all of which are my own recipes and have been developed over many years. These are used in my rituals and are typically included in the packages I send out to clients, once a spell has been cast.

How I conduct a ritual

Once I’ve collected what I need, I go to my temple and stand in the centre of a chalked circle, and set about “opening the gates” to the spirit world. Pointing to the main four cardinal directions in turn, I typically say:

“Open the gates of the East, the rising sun.
Open the gates of the south, the midday sun.
Open the gates of the west, the setting sun.
Open the gates of the north, the midnight sun.”

I then point above and below, opening the gates of the higher worlds and the nether worlds, ending by saying:

“As I stand between the worlds,
Amidst the swirling dimensions of the multiverse,
So let the sorcery begin…”

After that, I set about entering a trance state by spinning around inside the circle anti-clockwise, or “widdershins”, much like like a Whirling Dervish. As I do so, I chant in “unknown tongues”, the language of the spirits. Vivid psychotropic images dance across my inner vision as I get deeper and deeper into trance.

Soon I get into direct contact with the “invisibles”, or spirits on the etheric plane, whom I petition to charge the magical ingredients I’m using with numinous power. Indeed, as I do so, the items often take on a deep reddish hue, as if they are being invested with some form of energy unknown to science.

Once done, I place the charged arcane ingredients into a charm bag, conjure box, witches bottle, or other container, depending on the nature of the spellworking. This is then mailed to the client with simple instructions on what they need to do next. From there the magical artefact is left to do its work and bring the results desired.

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