My most effective voodoo love spell is my Conjure Box spellworking, which is cast in an old, disused graveyard and involves summoning the Graveyard Snake. It is mostly used for returning ex lovers, though it is also very good for bringing love into your life generally.

Here’s how I create and cast this powerful voodoo love spell…

Step one – preparing the ritual items

The conjure box ritual is performed in an old Victorian graveyard, but the first step involves collecting together and preparing the ingredients that go into it. These include a clay charm, which I fashion by hand, and mix into it various powders and incenses that are specially blended to be effective with your particularly case.

There’s also a Venus root and a lucky sixpence, both of which will sweeten the heart of the one you love. Using pen and ink I also draw a spirit sigil, which comes from “unknown tongues”, the language and voice of the spirits. Plus I include some graveyard dirt from the ritual area, which is anointed with Patchouli oil for maximum power.

Step two – carving sigils

I spray the conjure box black, so it has a kind of obsidian glow. After that I cave sigils into it with my knife. These sigils are drawn from unknown tongues (like the above clay charm) and are colored red. These sigils are symbols of power in themselves, but they also attract the appropriate spirits, adding numinous power to the working.

Step three – selecting a grave

Once all this is done, I begin the voodoo spell itself, which involves reciting incantations in unknown tongues over a specially chosen cemetery grave. I use my pendulum to select the appropriate grave, which is typically that of somebody who was successful in love during their lifetime. The pendulum helps me communicate with the spirit, and find out if they are willing to give their blessings to the spellworking.

Stage Four – possession

At this point I enter a spirit trance, allowing a powerful voodoo entity called the Graveyard Snake to possess me. I call upon this mighty spirit to grant your desires. And working through me, the Graveyard Snake charges the ritual items – wish papers, lucky sixpence, clay charm, etc – with power. At the end of the voodoo ritual, I place the items in the conjure box.

Stage Five – offerings

I leave offering for both the Graveyard Snake and the spirit from the chosen grave. These can be liquor, cigars, flowers, roots and so on. At that point, the voodoo love spell is activated.

When I return home I package up the items into the conjure box, compose a letter describing what to do next, then mail the items over to you. From this point, it is only a matter of time before the love spell manifests its energies and brings the results you want.

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