Have you noticed that getting money often involves writing something down? Signing some document?

Or it might filling in a lottery ticket. Or some other gambling form.

Ever think about the pen you use?

Maybe it don’t matter. Or maybe it DOES matter.

Can’t hurt to have a money pen, one that’s ritually charged to draw cash.


Let me hit you straight. The Money Pen in the picture does help you increase your cash flow.

But it’s not fixed up by me. It’s done by natural witch Pip de Belfry. So listen, if you’re interested in getting one she might just do you a deal, like throw in some Crown of Success oil.

I don’t know. But drop me an email, and I’ll ask her. Then I’ll put you on to her to sort it out.

OK, I’m outta here, seriously I gotta graveyard to go to…

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