Using spells and magick to banish debts should be part of any debt-cancelling armory…

If you’re in debt you’ll be harassed continually by creditors, by phone, email and by letter. Thus creditors need to be banished, as do the debts you owe. Sure, you should use the law and anything else at your disposal too. But casting a spell to manipulate the fibers of fate to cause circumstances to change should be part of it. After all, if your magick draws money to you, you can use it to pay off your creditors; or it might highlight a legal loophole so you don’t have to pay your creditors back.

It goes without saying, if you owe money to friends or family, you should pay them. No question. But if it’s banks and credit cards you’re looking at “banksters” and so not paying them back is no big deal – they do all sorts of nefarious things in the world, including laundering money. They deny it. But they do it.

The first thing to do is a banishing ritual aimed at cancelling your debts. This is what you do:

✴ Get yourself into a trance state either via meditation of self-hypnosis. Relax your body and stop your internal dialog.

✴ Visualize a circle of protection around you. It can be gold, silver, or whatever color feels right to you.

✴ Now in your mind’s eye, see your debts – the letters, the agreements – go up in flames. See a gnarled, grotesque demon with long black tentacles destroying the computer records of your debts, see it consuming the data, and the acids in it’s stomach dissolving it.

NOTE: This visualization may not remove your debts, but it sets the intention in motion for it to happen via some real world channel, one you might not even know about… in short, the spell or magick may well unearth a solution.

You might do this visualization three or seven days in a row. Once done, you must forget about it. Have a lightness of mind on the subject of debts. Don’t even think about them.


Because your conscious mind thinking will scupper the spell, and any spell for that matter. The whole point of magick is to hand the working over to your subconscious, which is the powerhouse within. You don’t want your conscious mind “critical censor” interfering.

Once the debt banishing spell is done with, you should do a similar procedure, this time to draw money to you.

This is what you do:

✴ Follow the same routine as above for going into trance and drawing a protective circle.

✴ Then in your mind’s eye, see yourself with money, lots of it. You might be driving a flashy car, have a nice house with a pool, and living the high life. Don’t hold back. You need your subconscious to recognize that this is about living in abundance, not lack. See it all as happening now.

Again, do this for perhaps three or seven days in a row. And once done, FORGET it. Hand it over to your subconscious mind. Don’t let conscious mind doubt slip in as this usually manifests the opposite effect to what you want.


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