It’s always important to make sure you create a circle of protection whenever you do magical workings or cast spells.

Let’s face it, you really don’t want to have to clean up the mess after you’ve walked into trouble with unruly demons, or other unruly entities from the psychic realm.

But protective circles aren’t just about keeping bad stuff out. They’re also about keeping the good stuff in. They act much like a bubble or snow globe to seal everything in.

Not only that, but a circle of protection acts like an amplifier, increasing positive energies.

Does size matter?

No. Your circle can be small if it’s just to protect yourself. Or it can be big if you’re doing a group working. And you can define the circle physically if it makes it easier for you, with items such as personal photos, jewellery that makes you feel safe, scarves or candles. Use whatever feels right to you.

Here’s how you cast a circle of protection…

  1. Find a clear, level space where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Make sure you know where the points are on the compass. A handy way to do this is to use the compass app on your phone. To make it easier, you can mark the points with the items that you are using to define your circle. Just remember which direction is which.
  3. Mark each compass point with items that correspond to each compass direction. I tend to go with using elements that are relevant to the points of earth, air, fire and water. Such as:
  • East – represents the element of air, and is the opening gateway. So I might burn incense or use a weighted balloon.
  • South – represents the element of fire. So I would light a candle or a firelighter in a dish.
  • West, – represents the element of water. So I would go with a saucer filled with salted water, or a large seashell.
  • North – represents the element of earth. So I would use a favorite pebble, or perhaps a hagstone to offer extra protection.
  1. Now stand or sit in your circle, and call on each of the elemental spirits to offer you protection – going from East to South, and West to North.
  2. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed, and calm your mind from thoughts. Imagine an energy of white light beneath you, and send up the same energy from the crown of your head to protect you from above.

Now you are all set to perform your magick or cast your spell, safe in the knowledge that you are completely protected.

  1. When you have finished, again go around the compass points, thanking the spirits for their help, and close each point of the compass, not forgetting the point below you and the one above you.

Stay safe!

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