Witch bottles are a powerful way to spiritually protect yourself against hexes and curses, malevolent entities, and any other evil witchcraft laid on you…

If somebody is working against you, or has laid a curse on you, you need to protect yourself and clear the evil work. It’s the same if you need to stop malevolent entities from entering your house and creating havoc.

Witch bottles are an effective way to cast protection spells as they will hold back and clear any kind of evil that is assailing you.

Protection bottles could contain items such as vinegar, rusty nails, garlic cloves, salt, ashes, black destroyer oil, dragon’s blood resin, bent pins, mirror shards, ashes and tourmaline. When this bottle is completed, it should be sealed with black candle wax.

Protection bottles can either be buried at the front of your house to prevent evil entities from gaining access, or they can be buried outside the house of the evil doer, which not only serves the purpose of preventing evil from coming from their dwelling place, but can also be used to reflect any negative energies back to where they came from.

Another use for the witch bottle is as an instrument of banishing and hexing. Items or correspondences which could be used in these circumstances include thing like rose thorns, war water, deadly nightshade (but take great care if using this), rust, lemon juice, dead flowers or weeds and nettles along with jet, cascarilla powder and hematite.

You can always add in the more usual cross over items like hot foot powder or goofer dust, and again, think if there is anything that the person whose influence you are trying to clear has particular things they dislike, in which case make sure to include these to make the working more personal.

If your purpose is to bind a particular individual, you can also include a ripped photo, and then bind the bottle completely in black twine before sealing it all with black candle wax.

A good place to bury your bottle in this situation is near a stream or running water, or at a cross roads. Crossroads have been held to be places of magick and mystery dating back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. They held that cross roads were places where space and time met, which allowed them to be portals of transformation and change. They are also traditional locations for pacts to be made and deals to be struck with energy entities.

Wherever you choose to bury it, a hex clearing or banishing bottle often remains where you place it to keep bad energies at bay.

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