I regularly get emails from people who are having trouble with evil spirits. Whether the spirits are real (whatever that is) or in the mind, or both, all depends on which reality tunnel you subscribe to. And in the end, whatever your view on spirits, the bottom line is they affect the sufferer’s life whether “real” or not.

What’s more, the spirits are great deceivers. They will lead you up the garden path and back again if you are not careful. And if you focus too much on them, they will send you on negative wild goose chases – much like negative internal dialogue (your inner thinking) will, if you let it. In fact, negative verbal thinking and the concept of evil spirits and entities are very similar.

Here’s what I said to a recent correspondent who was being plagued mercilessly by an evil spirit:

“The truth is, you are hugely more powerful than this entity. What you need to do is this: Over a few evenings sit quietly, relax your body, close your eyes. Now draw a picture in your mind of a beautiful sunlit garden with lots of plants and shrubs… feel the warmth of the sun on your body, hear the birds sing, the insects buzz….breathe in the heady scents of the flowers…. just be for a while, let thoughts pass you by, don’t follow them…. Do this for five or ten minutes or longer. Then awaken from this vision you created… knowing you are the creator, that you are the controller of your life and destiny…. that you have the power over what you do… and what you think…. it is in your hands.”

I also added that, as to voodoo magick, my Voodoo Angel working will bring powerful and effective protection against negative entities. It watches over you and keeps you safe. See: https://www.doktorsnake.com/voodoo-spells/premium/voodoo-angel-guardian-servitor/

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