If you wish to gain personal power, money, gambling wins, fame or business success, then the place to cast your voodoo spell is in the graveyard.

First thing to do is go to a local graveyard and visit the grave of a deceased “powerful person.” They could have been prominent in commerce, movies, music, or anything along those lines. If there is an element of voodoo or even Freemasonry (in the case of a business man), attached to them, so much the better.

Now stand over their grave and talk to them…

Tell the spirit in your own words about how you need to increase your personal power or outline what the intention is behind the spell you wish to perform.

Once you’ve done this, leave some money at the graveside. American silver dimes or British sixpences, are ideal. And also pour some beer or good (not cheap) rum or whiskey over the grave. Maybe also leave some cigars.

When you are done, walk backwards away from the grave…

Go at least ten feet before you turn around to go. And when you do turn around to leave, DO NOT LOOK BACK. Otherwise you run the risk that the spirit of the deceased will follow you home. If you let that happen all sorts of havoc could enter your life. So don’t forget, never look back when you exit the graveyard.

How graveyard voodoo worked for me…

Back in the day, I took my electric guitar and an ole Vox busking amp down to the grave of a well known rock star from the sixties. It was midnight. I plugged the guitar in and sang a slow, haunting blues about the conjure help I needed. In fact, this was the rite that got me the publishing deal for my Voodoo Spellbook.

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